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We are active in the following areas and offer services in the field of photovoltaics:

project management
construction management
due diligence
training courses
operation and maintenance

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We draw on many years of experience in the photovoltaic power plant sector.
We have:

20 years of international construction and project management experience within Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, India, Belgium, Switzerland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Australia and parts of South America

Experience from the management of more than 200 MW PV projects: more than 50 MW class projects and more than 500 roof top installations

Experience from 300 MW design, planning and the coordination of PV projects

Experience from the construction of 500 rooftop installations

Experience from acceptance certifications with institutional and private clients of more than 500 PV systems

Experience from 250 MW commissioning of PV systems


g2kv GmbH is an association of engineers who have been working in the field of photovoltaics for a long time - some even going back to 1999:

Dipl.-Ing. Jan Grimm: former employee of a renowned German photovoltaic company

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas G√ľnther: Owner of an engineering company for environmental technology and an installation company for PV rooftop installations - Solarleben GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Klauss: independent engineer in the field of renewable energies (photovoltaics, biogas) - BioVAG GbR

Dipl.-Ing., MBA Markus Vogel: former employee of a renowned German photovoltaic company

MSc, Danilo Lenzner: Independent engineer in the field of visible energies (photovoltaics) - engineering office Danilo Lenzner